Find the Lobster Bar. Walk up steps. Turn Right. Find floating Dock.

Dock Location


Dock Location: 31 Bowen’s Wharf  (The Lobster Bar)

The Antique Yacht Collection Dock is located on the right side (bridge side) of the Lobster Bar Restaurant at the end of Bowen’s Wharf. It’s the same location that you will find the Water Shuttle Service and another charter boat called Eleanor, operated by Adirondack Sailing.

Easy Directions

Start walking from 22 Bowens Restaurant on Bowen’s Wharf,  look to the end of the pier toward the water and you will see The Lobster Bar and Restaurant, walk toward Lobster Bar, you will see five steps and a ramp at the left of the building, walk up steps/ramp and IMMEDIATELY turn to the right (DO NOT WALK INTO RESTAURANT )   when you turn to the right you will see the entry out to the deck, walk out through the entry way onto the deck, walk down the ramp… YOU FOUND US!

Still Lost…

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Pay Parking

Parking can be found at Bowens Wharf, Newport Harbor Hotel and Discover Newport