Summer 2020 Charter

Are You Looking To Charter A Classic Wooden Motor Yacht For The Summer?
Looking Forward To The Summer But Want To Get Away From The Crowds?
No Boat? NO Problem.
From the beginning of Independence Day weekend to the end of Columbus Day weekend.

Temma is seeking a full summer charter steward due to the uncertain times of this COVID-19 pandemic and family crisis due to health issues and concerns.  This is a big deviation from her usual role as a day charter boat in Newport RI, but also a huge opportunity for the right charter client.

With a full summer charter, the client gains all the advantage of owning a beautiful classic wooden motor yacht without the disadvantage of maintenance, varnish, paint and so forth.

A few highlights:

  • All the advantages of owning a classic wooden motor yacht without the hassle.
  • At the end of a summer of yachting fun simply have the boat picked up.
  • No need to worry about varnish, paint, storage, maintenance and service.
  • Can come with a professional captain of your choosing or not.
  • Can be delivered from New York to Bar Harbor.
  • Possibility of a mooring in Newport harbor.
Pricing & Terms

In all honesty this is a tough summer, not only because of the inevitable effects COVID-19 will surely have on the day charter industry, but also because Alana (AYC’s Owner) is undergoing Chemo for cancer, she is scheduled for surgeries in the fall. Add to it that Alana and Greg have recently become parents and the immense responsibilities that all business face while finding the new normal and the pressure is just overwhelming for this summer…


We find ourselves stretched thin. We need to focus on our other boats which are easier to run safely during this peculiar time. We also need to a find solution for our more specialized boat Temma, which would require a good amount of specialized handling and care.


We do not want to sell the boat, but must find a temporary solution, upon which she can still be a contributing member of the AYC family and at a minimum pay her way.


We are flexible and open to all offers.


Nice people who express an interest in a similar arrangement for the summer of 2021 will receive preferential treatment.


A ball park figure for covering the yearly costs for a classic vessel such as this start around $30 000, that’s just the bare bones basics. We need to, at a minimum cover, her costs. Anything else would go a long way in helping our local Newport family business survive this crazy time.

Temma’s Boat Specifications
  • Length or LOA: 42 foot
  • Beam or width: 10 foot
  • Cruising speed: 5 to 7 knots
  • Maximum Speed : 9 knots
  • Engine: Perkins Diesel 6.3544 140 HP Naturally Aspirated
  • Fuel: 100 gal.
  • Water: 40 gal.
  • Waste: 20 gal.
  • Builder: B.W. Rands Boat Shop in Boothbay, Maine.
  • Designer: Sam Crocker designed a boat called Sumjoy 1926 and it was built by Benjamin Rand. Rand liked her lines but not her raised deck profile, so on his next build in 1928, he stretched her out from 36 to 42 feet and removed the raised deck, but kept much of her same interior layout and lines, creating what is now Temma
  • Year: 1928
  • Crew: Temma is best operated with 2, captain and deck/stew, however she can be handled by just a captain as long as they know what they are doing.


+1 401 855 4281

Exterior Gallery
Interior Gallery
Temma’s History

Temma was launched in 1928 as Priscilla in Boothbay Maine at B.W. Rands Boat shop for the Teel family from Boston.


The year before Rand had built a Sam Crocker Design raised deck motor yacht called Sumjoy, he liked her shape and interior layout but decided she could be improved upon, so he simply borrowed the moulds from the Sumjoy build,  spaced them out a little further, tweaked the stem, forgot about the raised deck and instead opted for a long cabin top. This gave her a very pleasing sheer, with just the right amount of tumblehome and a sweet stem.


She was built long, skinny, heavy and deep. This meant she only required modest power and little fuel to push her along at displacement speed. Going fast was never built into her DNA. We like this most about her. Seeing more in style is what she does best.


She was owned by a few other families who all loved and maintained her to the best standards, none more so than her previous owners, the Lowerys. All her owners have understood that they are simply caretakers  with a simple goal of ensuring Temma continues to brighten up the harbors she cruises.


We at the Antique Yacht Collection HOPE she can continue to be a part of our family, despite her spending a summer or two with another nice family, when she finds her summer charter.